Streets of Laredo’s video for Slow Train is out now!

"Bound to become a mainstay on playlists this fall with their bright, echoing vocals." - pastemagazine 

PRE-ORDER thestreetsoflaredo's debut album, Volume I & II, here



The fantastic Lucius performing on the Woods Stage at the End of the Road festival in Larmer Tree Gardens, Dorset, UK on Sunday 31st 2014. One of the definite highlights of the weekend. Go see them if you get the chance and check out their fabulous debut album Wildewoman.

Lucius homepage

@ilovelucius on twitter

Sleepy Sun Announces UK / European Tour

Sleepy Sun are set to brace the European / UK shores this September in support of their 4th studio album, Maui Tears. Dates:

11 Sept MusicBox, Lisbon (PT)
12 Sept Reverence Festival Valada (PT)
13 Sept Charada, Madrid (ES)
14 Sept Garea, San Sebastian
16 Sept Retro City Psych Revolution, Sala Be Good, Barcelona (ES)
18 Sept Fri-Son, Fribourg (CH)
19 Sept Lux, Le Locle (CH)
20 Sept Kiff, Aarau (CH)
22 Sept Strom, Munich (DE)
23 Sept Beatpol, Dresden (DE)
24 Sept Privatclub, Berlin (DE)
25 Sept Effenaar, Eindhoven (NL)
26 Sept Shacklewell Arms, London (UK)
27 Sept Liverpool Psych Fest, Liverpool (UK)
28 Sept Oobleck, Birmingham (UK)
29 Sept La Peniche, Lille (FR)
30 Sept Rotown, Rotterdam (NL)

Maui Tears was released in January 2014 and has been garnering critical acclaim ever since. Described as “An engrossing trip” by Buzz Magazine, the spaced-out psych-rock record shows a band that are at the high of their creative abilities. 
Buy the album on iTunes or order the record on the DA webstore.

Brighton Trio The Wytches Sign to Dine Alone

Ecstatic to announce that The Wytches have joined our Canadian roster!

The Brighton three-piece are set to release their full-length, Annabel Dream Reader, on August 26. Watch the video for “Wire Frame Mattress

The band recalls the gnarlier moments of ’60s garage-punk a la the Nuggets compilation, and they’ve got the power and stage presence to pull it off." -SPIN (40 Best Things We Saw at SXSW)

Here’s where you can catch The Wytches in the coming months, including a Toronto stop at The Drake Hotel Underground:

07/14 - Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge *
07/15 - Lincoln, NE - Knickerbockers *
07/16 - Lawrence, KS - The Granada Theatre *
07/17 - St. Louis, MO - The Luminary *
07/21 - Toronto, ON - Drake Underground
07/23 - Boston, MA - Great Scott
07/24 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge
07/25 - Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands
07/26 - Philadelphia, PA - Boot & Saddle
08/02 - Derbyshire, UK @ Y Not Festival
08/01 - North Yorkshire, UK @ Beacons Festival
08/30 - Dorset, UK @ End of the Road Festival
08/31 - Yorkshire, UK @ Bingley Music Live
09/07 - Isle of Wight, UK @ Bestival
09/14 - London, UK @ On Blackheath Festival
* = w/ Cloud Nothings & Metz


Toronto DJ Avenue just dropped an official remix of Hannah Georgas’sultry single, “Somebody.

Hear the new rendition of the track and read an interview with Hannah via AllMusic.

The Little Black Dress Tour, featuring Sarah Bareilles and Hannah Georgas is currently underway, hitting cities across the US this summer.Follow us on Twitter to win tickets to select dates!

July 15 - Boston, MA - Blue Hills Bank Pavilion
July 16 - Lewiston, NY - Artpark 
July 17 - Philly, PA - Skyline Stage @ The Mann Center
July 19 - New York, NY - Theatre at Madison Square Garden
July 20 - New York, NY - Theatre at Madison Square Garden
July 23 - Atlanta, GA - Chastain Park Amphitheatre 
July 25 - Hollywood, FL - Seminole Hard Rock Live 
July 26 - St. Augustine, FL - St. Augustine Amphitheatre
July 28 - Charlotte, NC - Uptown Amphitheatre at the Music Factory 
July 30 - Whites Creek, TN - The Woods at Fontanel 
August 1 - Lancaster, NE - Pinewodd Bowl Amphitheatre 
August 2 - Littleton, CO - Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield 
August 3 - Magna, UT - Saltair Amphitheatre
August 5 - Redmond, WA - Marymoor Park Concerts
August 11 - Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theatre 
August 12 - Los Angeles, CA - Hotel Cafe 
August 14 - Berkley, CA - Greek Theatre 


Very excited to announce the addition of Freeman, the new band of former Ween frontman Aaron Freeman, to our Canadian roster!

Freeman represents a new beginning for Aaron Freeman. It’s the first album of original material since disbanding Ween and getting sober and the first album with his new band consisting of guitarist Chris Boerner, Brad Cook on bass in the studio, Joe Young handling the four-string during shows, Dave Godowsky on keyboards and Kyle Keegan behind the drum kit.

Produced by Chris Shaw (Bob Dylan, Public Enemy), Freeman’s debut is a collection of gorgeous, subtly offbeat songs-in other words, a continuation of the thread that runs through the entire Ween catalog. The lush psychedelic pop of “The English and Western Stallion”; the melancholy plea of “More Than the World”; the unflappable, Plastic Ono Band-esque blues-rock of “Gimmie One More”-these are songs that bear the unmistakable Aaron Freeman stamp.

Newsweek calls the act “disarmingly sweet set, full of lush vocal harmonies and emotional pleas.” Listen to the single, “The English and Western Stallion” via SoundCloud.

Freeman's self-titled debut is due out July 22. Pre-order the record now.


The new video for Katie Queen of Tennessee by The Apache Relay is something else. Perfectly choreographed. Check it out on nprmusic above.  

Read Bob Boilen’s write-up on the making of the video: 

"The Apache Relay’s "Katie Queen of Tennessee" is easily one of the catchiest tunes I’ve heard this year. And in the song’s new video, a troupe of 40 young dancers raise the fun to heights I hadn’t imagined with a blissfully, perfectly choreographed routine.

Then I discovered this: These kids, from the Nashville Dance Center, aren’t dancing to the music of The Apache Relay at all, but a medley of hair metal songs. The story goes something like this: When director Hayley Young was thinking of how to make a video for the song, she wanted dancers from Nashville to be part of the act. A search online brought her to a routine by the Nashville Dance Center set to music from the musical Rock of Ages. She turned the hair metal down, cranked up the tune from Apache Relay’s new self-titled album and — like The Wizard of Oz meeting Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon for the first time — discovers a match that was simply meant to be.

Hayley Young figured that all she needed was a big space, and she found one. Turns out married singers Amy Grant and Vince Gill are connected to the Nashville Dance Center, and they loaned the group their 18th-century barn for filming. Surrounded by dancers, the band set up and played “Katie Queen of Tennessee” on a makeshift stage while a boom box simultaneously played the metal medley. The result is unforgettable.

If you want to see how perfectly the original routine syncs up with both hair metal and The Apache Relay, we’ve put the two videos side by side. It’s eerie.”


We’re reaching the tail end of the #DAPostcard contest. 

Tweet or ‘gram a note to your favourite Dine Alone artist using the hashtag #DAPostcard and you’ll be entered to win a massive prize pack including goodies from West 49, TOMS, JanSport, Skullcandy and more. 

Full contest details on our website: 

While you’re at it - download the Dine Alone Summer Sampler below. Jam-packed with 27 FREE songs. Boom.



The Ramones played a very influential musical role in my life. They were the band that was around from as long as I can remember, right up there with Kiss. Not only just around but the band that you proudly represented on your jean jacket, walls of your room, shirt collection hats, your son’s first outfits or wherever you had a chance to let people know you were part of that club. You always felt really exclusive to this club because mainstream media never took them away from us. Punk rock enthusiasts will argue but The Ramones are one of the bands that invented punk rock and fucking roll. 

The Ramones and I stood by each other throughout life. From public school right up to present time, The Ramones were there enhancing each page in my story. They started courting me when I began learning how to ride a bike and our small block opened up into a neighbourhood. Most of our friends older brothers’ favourite bands included The Ramones. Sean Keyes and Scott Meller’s older brothers were best buds with The Ramones. I remember in public school watching Chris Shepperd’s Club 102 and Scott’s house and seeing people in a circle pit and slam dance to videos of The Ramones. From that moment I was hooked, that energy that they gave off and received was incredible. That started a great relationship which lead to great moments throughout my life. From that moment of seeing that energy of kids going mental on TV to 30 years later when my son was born and playing him Ramones in the hospital as we wore his Ramones onsie. 

They were not a one hit wonder, they were not pretty, they gave a fuck without giving a fuck, they were a punk rock and roll band that wrote some of the greatest pop songs ever and will be sorely missed. But their fans were true and their music was real and that legacy will grow each year as the gospel of The Ramones spreads. RIP TOMMY, RIP RAMONES, LONG LIVE PUNK ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!

- Joel


Dine Alone is well known for developing a couple of bands… like Alexisonfire, City and Colour, Monster Truck and The Lumineers. We’re stoked to announce that we’re bringing top advice from our team to 102.1 The Edge’s “Next Big Thing” contest. 

The Grand Prize winner will get loaded up with consulting services from Dine Alone’s award-winning artist development team, along with $10,000 worth of gear from Long & McQuade Musical Instruments and time at Metalworks Studios!

No matter if you’re in a band or rockin’ solo, submit your bios and best tracks to 102.1 The Edge now. Entries will be voted down to 6 over the summer until one Next Big Thing winner is announced at the Edge Emerging Artist Showcase on August 4. 

Enter the Edge Next Big Thing now


Introducing “Come Crashing”, brand new music from Failure. For the first time since 1996’s Fantastic Planet and a 17-year wait for a North American tour - it’s finally arrived.

You’ll find track on the tour-exclusive EP, Tree of Stars, along with live recordings of “Let It Drip”, “Frogs”, “Sergeant Politeness” and “Heliotropic”. 

Share your first Failure show memories (or even photos of your first Failure tshirt!) and Dine Alone might set you up with tickets for the Toronto shows on May 26 + 27 at the Mod Club! 

LISTEN to “Come Crashing” NOW.


An excerpt from DA Uncle Mike’s most recent (superfan) blog post..

- - - - - -

We had no pre-show knowledge of who the opening band was going to be. When the lights went down for the first time that night, 3 unassuming gents casually strolled onstage and took position as the crowd went into a default mode of excitement. But just before this unrecognized trio got things rolling, Tool’s guitarist, Adam Jones, suddenly appeared onstage and took to the mic  –

“Hey…HEY…shut the fuck up…this is Failure, our favorite band from LA, pay attention.” 

Ken Andrews then ripped into the opening riff of ‘Let It Drip’ and as the rhythm section of Greg Edwards and Kelli Scott kicked it into full gear, a wave of violently enthused appreciation swept over the room.  As Failure proceeded to tear through most of their second record, Magnified, the mosh pit was more of a happy bouncing mass instead of a static cluster of aggro-dudes colliding into each other.  The galloping rhythm of ‘Frogs’ was clearly to blame.  Tool’s bassist, Paul D’Amour, even joined the band onstage for a tune as a second guitarist, proving that they weren’t just throwing casual compliments around about their opening band. 

Failure provided a perfect warm up set for the alt-metal juggernaut that was Tool, who were still riding the first wave of their newfound success and actually besting the studio versions of their material on the live stage. That night remains to be my lifetime favorite concert. 

Even Dad was impressed…awesome.

- - -

Read the full entry on Mike’s Musical Memoirs.


This past Monday, iconic post-grunge trio Failure announced a reunion tour. We’ve got some super fans at the Dine Alone office, including owner Joel Carriere.. here’s a dedicated post from the man himself:

- - - -


In the early mid 90s I was obsessed with music (not unlike today as I write this story, haha) from researching the roots of contemporary artists to the discovery of new and upcoming artists.

Failure came into my life around 1994ish. I think, at this point, I had an awful job or two that supported my well rounded music habit.

I really wish I remembered what magazine was the catalyst between Tool, Failure and my immediate interest in needing to hear Failure. I am sure it may have been a Creem, NME, Melody Maker, Spin or Ray Gun, I guess that is not as important as the fact that it did exist and did happen.

Tool were the famous friends and crucial proponents of Failure. I loved Tool from the moment I heard Opiate in 92 and had become a super fan of all things Tool. When a variety of different magazines and interviews started to pop up into my life about the band Failure, and Tool was their champion, I had to check them out.

One of the few good things about my parking booth job was having a great record store across the street. I remember that excitement and nervousness of grabbing Failure’s Magnified.

I put the “Back in 5 Minutes” sign up and ran across the street. Fingers were crossed that the record store would have it in, because I was determined to listen to it. Of course, the Station to Station record store had it. I slapped down the 15 or 20 bucks that I’d saved, ran back to my parking booth and put the cd into my shitty ghetto blaster and boom, “Let it Drip" was the first song and I was in love.

I couldn’t believe there was another band’s music out there that fit my ears like a glove. I was listening to tons of music at the time but Failure was in the same world as my ‘go-to’s’. They were on the same team as Hum, Helmet, Tool and Quicksand.

I think around that very moment Tool had announced their show at Varsity Arena in Toronto with The Flaming Lips and Failure. Not only was I discovering a future favourite band, but I was going to see them months later.

That show will forever be burnt into my head as a perfect show, the people, the energy, the discovery, and the sheer excitement of a perfect bill. I remember having only so much money and was going to grab a few Tool items. I ended up leaving with a Failure shirt and a very rad Flaming Lips shirt instead.

Fast forward another year or so, and two members of Failure had teamed up with a gentlemen from Tool to put out this really amazing dark tribute record under the Replicants moniker. This had amazing covers of The Cars, T-Rex, Neil Young and more. The record was a great listen and I remember it being hard to find, so any time I found it I would buy it for another music pal. This, also for a young me, furthered my fandom of Failure.

Fast forward another year or so and Failure’s ’ Fantastic Planet ’ comes out. Pretty sure I got that from the same record store as the previous Failure record. For those of you that know that record and share the same reaction to hearing the lead track, “Saturday Saviour," It was a game changer. From that first listen, you felt like Failure were about to become the next big alternative band. Your little secret was about to be out and the world was going to know what you had already known about for a couple years. Seemed like their first single "Stuck On You" was popping up on MUCH, MTV and alternative stations and just as you thought it was about to go, it disappeared from mainstream media. Shortly thereafter, I found out they’d broken up.

Breakups back then were harder on fans. Previous to the glorious age of the internet and mediocre journalism fans had to work at being a fan of a band. Fans had to commit to a band, do research, hunt out bootlegs, check local listings…there was a real effort that a fan had to make to like a band. That effort translated into long term relationships.

So as you can imagine when they announced Failure was back together, all those fans who’d spent that time being a fan were very excited. That, mixed with their legacy over the years, has translated into genuine widespread excitement.

I am writing this because I am a fan and I am excited to see them. If I get to work with them I will be over the moon but if I don’t, and at least get to see them, I will still be over the moon. In the end, it’s just nice to be a fan of a band. It’s nice to invest time and really commit to a band and I know, these days, it’s a click of the button to become a fan and an easy click to forget. But Failure are more than a click of a button, they are a great rock and roll band that has stood the test of time and I couldn’t be more fucking excited that they are back and I will get to see them once again.

PS. If anyone knows them, I would love to help put out their possible new record, ahahaha.

- Joel